Sunday, June 06, 2010

GED Math & Subtracting Negative Integers

Perhaps one of the most difficult concepts for learners to comprehend is negative integers. If you show them a problem such as 7-4, they know that the answer is 3.

But if you give them 7-(-4), they may still think the answer is 3.

So what is the best way to teach subtraction of integers, both positive and negative?

I have found that if you teach the basic method of "adding the opposite", that will help.

Example: 7-(-4)= ??

7 + (4) = 11

Step one: Keep the first integer 7
Step two: Change the negative sign to a positive sign
Step three: Change the sign of the second integer. In this case, The opposite of negative four is positive four.
Step four: Add the two integers.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small Group Instruction- GED

Are you an instructor who teaches GED preparation in a Learning Center setting? A setting where students come and go, and where many times you may not see students for for weeks?
Are you asking yourself how to better retention? I am.

I am continuously asking myself how I can improve student retention in a setting where the mind set is, " I can come and go as it fits my schedule."

I am convinced that the delivery within the Learning Center needs to change. I believe that students need to commit to times and days that they can attend. If they cannot commit, perhaps the setting is not for them.

I also believe that small group instruction needs to be offered.

This may mean that we service fewer students..... but I believe that the ones who do attend will learn more because they will be committed to coming.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience working with small groups of students within a lab setting..... especially GED students.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

To anyone and everyone who has been following this blog, have a very merry Christmas and and a great 2010. It is my wish that everyone who doesn't have a job.... be able to get a job... and to those who are struggling... you get some relief.

Have a great 2010!