Sunday, September 18, 2011

GED Math Help

It's been three weeks into school and busy!  Seems there are just as many "out of work" or "don't have a diploma" adults visiting our Center.  All are anxious and all just want to learn the skills and either move on or pass the GED Math Test.

This Fall I am focusing again on small group math instruction within a lab environment.  Why you might ask?  That is a good question.  The answer is two-fold.

First, it is a matter of money.  As we all know, money for education keeps getting tighter and tighter.  I am trying to be creative in how the Center is being used and hoping that offering individual and groups of instruction will be appealing to many students.

Mostly, though, it is because I have found that there are a large group of individuals who like the group setting.  They get direct instruction and then have the time to practice skills on their own.

For math, I have been using worksheets from   Its a great site.  I included an image below of a sample worksheet. 

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