Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GED Reading Vocabulary

Recently I worked with a student who has been getting great scores on all of his GED tests, except the GED Reading Test.

What the student realized was that his vocabulary was weak.  More specifically, the vocabulary relating to the "mood" of a reading piece. 

The GED Reading passage that the student was reading had five answer choices for one of the questions.  They included the following:  melancholy, cautious, joyous, nostalgic, and pleasant.

The two that needed extra explanation were melancholy and nostalgic. 

Once I explained and gave an example or two.... the student was once again on his way through the material.

**When working with adult students who have fairly good reading skills in the GED Reading..... they will know much of the needed vocabulary, but not all.  There will be gaps and you will need to fill them.  Each student will come with their own sets of "gaps".  Customize your instruction to their needs and SEE THE RESULTS!

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